Our Approach

Āyurveda is the wild west in America today. With minimal regulation, almost anything goes. This may be good or bad - depending on us.

We see it as an opportunity to go back to the drawing board. How can Āyurveda be best practiced today? Why not take advantage of this chance to mold and shape the science into a practice that is ready for the future?

We decided to do just that, and we've taken the best of both worlds to create something even better. We combine the classical practices of authentic Āyurveda from India with innovative, logical, scientific thinking of the west. Our programs are organized, thoughtful and well-designed to make true Āyurveda accessible to students today.

How is our education different?

Our programs are designed on the core framework of scientific Āyurveda. Each professional level is trained to be successful independently and in collaborative practice. We are creating the infrastructure for Āyurveda to become the leader in holistic, sustainable healthcare.